Walked-Up Game

At Ballydugan walked up days are, less formal than driven shoots, relaxed,good sport and exciting Guns see plenty of pheasants and often some duck, woodcock and snipe if the conditions are right

At Ballydugan guns are encouraged to bring their own working dogs. Guided by the keeper, you will be dropped off from the shoot’s gun bus, and form up in a good shooting line. The team will move as fast as the slowest gun, stopping to retrieve shot game. A superb way for fathers and sons to enjoy quality time together and is a great introduction to shooting game.
A Typical Walked-up Game Day Guns are encouraged to bring their own working dogs.
9.30am Arrive – meet in the stable yard for safety briefing
10.00am Start the shoot Stop for refreshments as suits
End of Day A bowl of hearty homemade soup in Ballydugan Basement Shoot Room – alternatively at an added cost, have a Traditional Shoot Lunch in the dining room, after drinks in the morning room
The current costs are £22.00 per bird, with 4 to 6 guns being the optimum.Traditional Shoot Lunch is available at an extra cost, after a quick chat to discuss a suitable menu and budget.
Membership of a Recognised Organisation is required for insurance purposes – if you are unsure about this please enquire at the first opportunity. You must also provide your own gun & cartridges (Fibre wad please).